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Two Poems by Michal Mahgerefteh

Michal Mahgerefteh, USA

Not My Place

Wintergreen, Virginia, June 2012


dense forest trees

            decrease daylight

circulating wind sways gaping limbs

            slopes steep in moss lushness

cloaks of maple bark

            rasps of human sound

flay ripened soil and flamboyant foliage

            a paste of infant vines seeps

like ember through my thick Keene soles

            and, Oh, the earth

            with great dignity forgives




I rather walk

     by rocks and streams,

camp in sunflower fields,

     converse with a dew-drop

on the edge of petals,

     free-paint my imagination,

and speak gibberish

     to the universe.

Michal Mahgerefteh is a poet and artist from Virginia. She is the author of four poetry collections and is currently editing her 5th collection. Mahgerefteh is the managing editor of the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award and the Mizmor Poetry Anthology. Visit her website here: www.Mitak-Art.com.

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