© Esther Vincent Xueming

© Esther Vincent Xueming

Welcome to The Tiger Moth Review, a biannual journal of art + literature that engages with nature, culture, the environment and ecology. We are committed to creating a space for minority, marginalised and underrepresented voices in society. As a nod to diversity and inclusivity, we also publish non-English works, as well as their translated English counterparts.

Our Name

Tiger moths have always been an enigma to me. As a child, I was fascinated with how tiger moths would sit solitary on a wall, yet were curious enough to wander along a broken twig onto the palm of my hand. Tiger moths continue to evoke my childhood, but more so, they symbolise a link to nature and the environment, which is constantly changing in an island city like Singapore.

Our Dream

It is my hope that through The Tiger Moth Review, I can curate and publish art and literature from like-minded individuals from home (Singapore) and beyond, who are interested in delving into the relationships, tensions and juxtapositions between man and the world they live in, the land they live on, the nature they interact with, and the politics of living in an environmentally conscious and ethical way.


The Tiger Moth Review is honoured to have been featured in the following publications, where editor-in-chief and founder, Esther Vincent Xueming, responds to questions about poetry, writing and the submissions process: