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Two Poems by Joyce Butler

Joyce Butler, Ireland

All Earth


I wait until all earth is quiet

and land falls away,

one side a map

outshining blue light,

red deserts now

where we fall

one by one,

under a killing sun.


Our voices remain

under the sea,

calling out like dolphins


where our lives

should be.


Submerged now.

Yes, destroyed.


My Own Sakura


I kiss your face with cherry

blossoms as you sleep,

My own Sakura of Spring;

they see me weep.


From south to north

my blossom follows all

of your footprints.

In fourteen days I open,

a carpet at your feet.


Is my awakening

my red-crowned crane of

Okinawa? Archipelago

of warm water currents.



Let us hold hands

and go.



Plum Blossom.

Two flowers opening

a pink river, blooming.

Joyce Butler lives and works in her hometown of Waterford, Ireland. She is married with two children. She has been shortlisted twice by the Atlantic Short Story Contest: The Lone Wolf (2015) and Spring Rain is a Different Entity (2017). She writes poetry that is inspired by nature and her previous experiences of severe depression from which she is now fully recovered. Her poems have been published in Deise Voices and Inside The Bell Jar online magazine. She has also completed the third draft of a historical fiction novel, receiving mentorship from novelist Carolyn Jess Cooke through the Mslexia website.

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