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New flora

Priya Kahlon, Australia

Sea shimmering with the gold of the sun

Hands cupped at the ready

For the shells washed to the shore


There is a new kind of flora

One less malleable

Though still most likely to endure


Intertwined with the seaweed

Making its place amongst the sand

Sticking out like a garish cousin


Its origins are varied

From the factory down the road

To the restaurant doing a 2-for-1 special


Each one now calling this space between the sun and sand home

Standing proudly

Waiting to be collected


By eager hands exploring the surf

Looking for treasure

A memento of their time


To be displayed on bedside tables

Adorned atop bookshelves

Or soon forgotten, awaiting new homes

Born and raised in Perth, Priya Kahlon is an Indian Australian poet who was selected to be part of the Indian Ocean mentorship program for emerging writers. Balancing a career in law, Kahlon's poetry explores the ideas of identity, belonging and the use of language to break free from the structures and expectations of modern society.

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