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Zjayanhi (Nicholas) Kang, Singapore



I want a love that burns the skies

but all you want is to dive deeper

into the ocean.




The tree offers us her shade, her wood

and expects nothing.

The river offers us her water, her calm

and awaits no similar kindness.

The sun offers us her light, her hope

and expects no gratitude.


What can we offer these beings

when our lives depend on them?

Depend on them, destroy them?




I want to yell, to roar from every building

to anybody who can listen to my passions,

my sorrows, my successes, my mistakes.


But only the trees and the mynahs reply.

They accept me, and that’s all I can ask for.

Zjayanhi (Nicholas) Kang is a 17-year-old non-binary teenager currently waiting for his O-level results. He lives with his parents and two cats whom he loves very much. He writes poems and stories about romance and fantasy as if they were completely opposite concepts. He also delves into thrillers about murder and mystery, and of course fanfiction. He adores video games and reading, lives on coffee and naps a little too much but always manages a page or two in his journal, in which he rambles about life in conservative Singapore.

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