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Robert Wood, Australia




We laid the chillies out,

put the haul by handful into bags,

spoke of that time with turtles

and dugongs, sea celery and rafts.


As the day mellowed, the honeyeaters

sang out and we braided a future

from stalks, knowing, once more,

that endless summer brought cold comfort.




We heard of the planes

bombing them

doing the work of ravens.


On our shore, plastic

washed up and the whales

in the distance swam with grace.




We listened to the shallow

praise of bureaucrats,

took soup from their bowls,

mud from their ears.


The hundred joints, the ten thousand nails

and the uncounted organs

of our forms bound this way,

to the granted security of apple seeds.

Robert Wood is interested in place, relationships and ecology. He is the author of History and the Poet, and Concerning A Farm. Robert is the Chair of PEN Perth in Western Australia and has family in Singapore and South India. Find out more at: www.robertdwood.net

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