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Tribute to Inuka

Tribute to Inuka

Shucolat (Chan Shu Yin), Singapore

Tribute to Inuka   © Shucolat (Chan Shu Yin)

Tribute to Inuka © Shucolat (Chan Shu Yin)


Currently an art therapist in training, Shucolat (Chan Shu Yin) is also a visual storyteller, giving a voice to the nameless and unfamiliar through illustration and comics. Her art traverses the realms of nature, human's relationship with it, as well as existentialism and the human condition. Shucolat graduates from LASALLE's MA Art Therapy programme in 2019 and hopes to incorporate nature into her art therapy practice as she believes that both nature and art have the power to heal. She can be found at www.shucolat.com.

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