A journal of art + literature engaging with nature, culture, the environment & ecology

Editor's Preface

Cover image © Lydia Kwa

Cover image © Lydia Kwa


The Tiger Moth Review was founded with a mission to feature art + literature that is conscious of humanity’s interactions with and impact on the environment. I wanted to devote the journal to publishing work that is cognisant of how we humans relate to and engage with nature, culture, the environment and ecology, despite (or due to) the fact that some of us might find this way of seeing the world unfamiliar or strange, remote from our lived experiences or day-to-day existences. More than ever today however, I believe that artists and writers need to question, challenge and examine how humanity continues to devour, deplete and destroy the earth’s bounty in its quest for modernity and progress. How can we human beings co-exist with the rest of the world in a dignified, respectful and sustainable way? How can we live more responsibly and commit to making more environmentally ethical life choices? Why should we care? These are ambitious questions that I hope we as citizens of the world can discuss, debate and problematise through the art + literature featured in the journal.


Before founding The Tiger Moth Review, I did some research and found a lack of art + literature journals in Singapore dedicated to environmental issues. I decided not to let this thwart my spirits. Instead, I thought, why not start my own journal then? This way, I could be proactive in a process and purpose that I found meaningful and vital. I would create and sustain an independent platform for artists and writers in Singapore especially to have such conversations through their art, photography, poetry or prose, and allow for greater discourse across borders with regional and international work that would be published alongside works from Singapore. As I set out on this pioneering journey with a dream and vision, I found myself heartened. I was met with warmth, generosity and compassion from friends, acquaintances and strangers alike, who applauded my efforts, encouraged me and posted social media shout-outs to promote the journal’s call for submissions. I found that not only had I founded a journal, I had found renewed belief and faith in a community of artists and writers within and beyond Singapore who were willing to give. I saw this as a sign of humanity’s potential to nurture, sustain and create, which is at the very heart of The Tiger Moth Review’s ethos.


And so it is with great joy and anticipation that I share with you the inaugural issue of The Tiger Moth Review, made possible only through the support, love and belief of its contributors and readers. The works here have been selected because they resonate with the spirit of the journal. From Aaron Lee’s tribute pantun to Maori artists “Tanga Tangan”, Khairani Barokka’s “Flood Season, Jakarta”, Lydia Kwa’s tree shaman which meditates upon a cut down diseased birch tree to Juan Eduardo Páez Cañas Bogotá Feathers which celebrates the beauty of trampled feathers, every piece promises to reveal to any willing reader something extraordinary. While work from Singapore is prioritised as is the aim of this journal, this issue features art + literature from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Ireland and the United States of America as well. May you find a piece from this issue that speaks to you, and may we always have a heart of gratitude towards the earth for her providence.



Esther Vincent Xueming

Editor-in-chief and Founder

The Tiger Moth Review

Tanga Tangan